Thursday, January 3, 2013

Tis the Season: Family, Food & Seasonal Positions!

Hey Guys!
   Happy New Year!  I hope everyone had an enjoyable and relaxing holiday break spending time with family and friends.  It's again that time of the year when the workplace and our personal lives seem to be on overload.  Take time to plan ahead and stay organized to avoid getting too stressed.  If you are in the midst of your career search this is a great time to send out applications for seasonal/temp work.  Many industries tend to hire around late fall, early winter due to an overwhelming amount of projects and events coming up.   Seasonal positions are a phenomenal way of getting your foot in the door, networking and gaining hands on experience.  While some of you may be thinking I need a full time permanent position with benefits, a seasonal position is often the best bet for your first year or two.  It allows you time to discover which position within an industry best fits your skill-set & personality.
   A seasonal position is often a paid, full time position lasting between three and six months.  While working as a temp it is important to meet as many people within your office as possible.  A face to go with your name is key!  Work hard and diligently at your assignments and if you have free time ask your supervisor if you can help anyone who may need assistance.  Working on various projects in different departments will broaden your skill-set, increase your network contacts and often present a new area of interest that you had not considered before.  I have been in three seasonal positions thus far and have learned so much from each one.  The opportunity to obtain hands on experience while aquiring new skills from top professionals is truly what makes seasonal positions perfect for recent graduates. 

*Seasonal positions are often not posted on company websites...Call or email companies you are interested in and ask for their Human Resources Department...once connected let them know you are a recent graduate, interested in a seasonal/temp position and would like to know who you can email your resume to directly.  Remember to follow up  with a short email every two to three weeks.  Seasonal positions often open unexpectedly and are filled fast.

* This Is Your Year! Think positive, work hard and enjoy 2013!