Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Four Years of Cafe food,Thirsty Thursdays and Fast Food...

Hey guys!
So if your college experience was a blast I'm sure this means you participated in thirsty thursdays, frat parties, keg crawls, tailgating and taco(tequila) tuesdays partnered with late night stops at whatever fast food joint was open.  After every good night is a good breakfast right?  Which is why I'm sure you found yourself at the school cafeteria with your roomies eating waffles and omelets til 3 pm.  So we all ate a little unhealthy...you only go to college once right... but now what?  Good news is that getting back on track isn't as difficult as one may think.  First things first...clean out your fridge and pantry of processed foods so you won't be tempted to have a late night pop tart or ice cream sandwich.  Next, write down or download an app onto your phone that will help you keep track of what you are eating daily and the approx. calories.  It is important to remember that calorie consumption differs from person to person.  The best way to figure out how much you should be consuming is to follow a simple formula that can be found on most health apps and websites.  A daily routine is key to achieving and maintaining a healthy weight.  I have found that intense cardio exercise and stretching at least 40 minutes a day paired with a clean eating diet is the best way to shed those pounds while strengthening and toning your body.  Remember girls:  skinny is not necessarily healthy....fit and strong is healthy...so if you see the scale go up at first it is most likely because you are gaining muscle.  Measure inches to keep track of your progress!  After graduating I took classes at my local gym and worked out on my own which was fine until I was relocated for a job and then relocated again.  In the beginning you are more than likely to change jobs quite a few times which will require you to change gym memberships...and we all know those can get pricey.  I decided to order the workout DVD Insanity.  This workout is intense cardio that will work you harder than any class at the gym.  The best part is no matter how many times you relocate, you can take the DVD with you and stick to your routine.  Due to the intensity of the workout, it is best to try and eat five times a day.  High protein, healthy fats and carbs so that you have enough energy to power through your workouts.  In order to stay on track, making a list every week of the meals you will eat and prepping meals ahead of time will keep you focused when tempted to stop for McDonald's after work.  Here is a sample list of what should be on your grocery list:

Egg whites, avocados, Greek yogurt, plain almonds,whole grain bread/pitas, organic almond,apple or peanut butter(low in sodium), raw veggies(celery,peppers,broccoli,snap peas & carrots) organic chicken breast, fish (salmon, tuna, tilapia), low fat milk or almond/soy milk, quinoa, homemade soups(low sodium) romaine and spinach leaves, homemade salad dressing (extra virgin olive oil, lemon & pepper or extra virgin olive oil & balsamic), protein shakes or protein bars (low sugar), homemade smoothies (spinach leaves, celery, apple, pear, banana & ice or banana, Greek yogurt, raspberries & ice), whole grain, high fiber & high protein cereal (kashi, other health food brands that are low in sugar) and a TON OF WATER!

The first week or two are always the toughest with sometimes the least results so do not be discouraged!  Stick with it and I promise you will be ecstatic with your slimming results, boost in energy and countless compliments!