Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Patience is a Virtue

Hey guys!
I hope everyone has started to make some progress in their daily routines whether it be job applications, networking, fitness or healthy eating!  Little by little everything will in time come together..I promise!

So now that you have a foundation for where to start..the next thing to realize and tackle is getting your foot in the door.  This step will be one of the biggest steps in jumpstarting your career.  It requires an indefinite number of hours filling out online job applications, cover letters, phone calls, emails and interviews.  In other words...start taking a yoga class or two to help relax and exhibit the utmost patience.  When I first graduated I thought I'd take a break for a month or two then start applying and I guess I thought I'd get a job fairly quickly...mistake number not waste any time.  It will more than likely take you a few months to a year to land your first gig, which will give you plenty of time to still take a vaca or just relax with family and friends while STILL getting your applications and emails sent out!

The key thing to keep in mind is that this will most likely be the longest waiting process of your career search but once your foot is in the door, jobs will come from contacts made, word of mouth and having references in the business.  A major note to self is to stay active while waiting for that call....Yes, physically active is important but I'm talking about actively involved in classes and training programs that will keep you from getting rusty.  Many community colleges offer single night classes at an afforadable price that will enable you to avoid the "I haven't done anything related to tv/radio production, finance, marketing, etc. in months" feeling.  Also, if you are in the media or acting industry you can add these training programs to your resume to show casting directors and agents that you are actively working towards your career.

The meaning behind the age old saying, "Patience is a Virtue" will become clearer than ever during this waiting period.  Stay focused, continue practicing your craft, follow up with contacts and relax.  The call will come, it's just a matter time!