Monday, September 1, 2014

A Quote a Day Keeps Anxiety at Bay

Hey Everyone,
Ever feel overwhelmed, anxious, stressed or under so much pressure you can't seem to gather your thoughts?  Kids screaming, you burnt family dinner, just got into a fender bender or maybe had one of those horrendous days at work.  We're all bound to run into these fantastic days at some point throughout the year so I thought I'd give you some uplifting quotes to keep in your back pocket to remind you that everything will be okay!   Just breathe…it will more than likely be a funny story to tell down the road.  I promise! =]

"The best day of your life is the one on which you decide your life is your own.  No apologies or excuses.  No one to lean on, rely on or blame.  The gift is yours, it is an amazing journey & you alone are responsible for the quality of it.  This is the day your life really begins."  - Bob Moawad-  

"If God brings you to it he'll begin you through it."      

"God never gives us more than we can handle."

"What if I fall? Oh but my darling, what if you fly?"-Erin Hanson-

"Have you prayed about it as much as you've talked about it?"

"The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams." -Eleanor Roosevelt-

"You can be the ripest, juiciest peach in the world.  There's still going to be someone who doesn't like peaches."-Dita Von Teese-

"Life is short but sweet for certain." -Dave Matthews-      

"Pour yourself a drink, put on some lipstick & pull yourself together." -Elizabeth Taylor-

"It's better to cry than to be angry; because anger hurts others, while tears flow silently through the soul and cleanse the heart." -Pope John Paul II-

"Only God can turn a mess into a Message, a test into a Testimony, a trial into a Triumph and a victim into a Victory."

"I've learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did but people will never forget how you made them feel." -Maya Angelou-

Breathe, smile & laugh at the chaos!

Lots of Love,


Sunday, August 31, 2014

A Local Ingredient for Every Dish!

Yay!  We have officially made it to my absolute favorite month of the year….next to my birthday month of course =] SEPTEMBER!  The weather is gorgeous, the crisp chilly nights are perfect for sleeping with your windows open, there is an abundance of delicious produce at local farms, the beaches are empty, zero traffic jams, apple picking, football season…did I mention PERFECT weather?!? =]

I am one happy camper every September and I want to share with you my hands down favorite September dishes with local NJ ingredients!  Shopping and cooking using local ingredients (organic if possible) no matter where you live is such an important contribution you can make to help out your community.  If you live far from farm country have no fear, you still might find some famers markets from nearby states.  This is a healthy alternative and still gives back to hard working farmers rather than big corporations.  Prices are often affordable, especially compared to overly priced health food in stores.  Choosing to cook with local ingredients supports hard working families, provides the absolute freshest ingredients, improves overall health and tastes delicious!

Kat's Farm Favorites:

  • Watermelon & Arugula Salad
  • Homemade Apple Butter
  • Homemade Apple Sauce
  • Fresh Sauerkraut (Cabbage) (Highly Cleansing)
  • Eggplant Parmesan
  • Spicy Corn Salsa
  • Zucchini Bread (GF)
  • Kale Chips
  • Indulging: Apple Crisp
All of these dishes taste amazing, are simple to make and are fun putting together.  A trip to the farm is relaxing, scenic and a nice change of pace.  I love going out and picking my own produce when I have the chance!  *Extra bonus: while the weather is still warm, you can usually pick your own flowers and arrange a unique bouquet to add a pop of color to your home!  

I hope you all check out a farm near you and take advantage of the delicious produce in your area.  If you live in NJ go visit Silverton Farms in Toms River, NJ! The cutest local organic farm around! 

xoxo Kat

Saturday, August 30, 2014

Labor Day Weekend!

Hey friends!
I hope you are all having a fun filled labor day weekend!  As we round up the Summer's festivities I want to share with you a few of my favorite Summertime dishes, activities and adventures!

If you haven't crossed these off your list yet you still have a couple of days left!   Enjoy!

  • BBQ….all day every day =]
  • Local Ingredients: Watermelon Arugula Salad, Veggie Kabobs, Eggplant Parm, Sangria, Basil Pesto Sauce, Peach Cobbler, Strawberry & Blueberry Jam!
  • Beach Days & Sunrise Beach Yoga
  • Night Swimming
  • Canoeing/Pedal Boating
  • Outdoor Concerts
  • Reservoir Walks
  • Camping
  • Campfire & S'mores
  • Boardwalk Trips: fried oreos, funnel cake and Kohr's Ice Cream
  • Hoffmans
Have a wonderful Labor Day Weekend and a fabulous new school year! =]

xoxo Kat

Thursday, August 28, 2014

Skip the Cafe & Pack Gourmet!

We have officially hit Labor Day Weekend and Back to School week is only days away.  It's definitely a bittersweet time of year as we say goodbye to beach days and hello to a new school year, new friends and an exciting new chapter.  Whether you are a student, teacher or working a 9-5 at the office it's time to make the daily decision…cafeteria food or packed lunches?

I have to admit, growing up my brothers and I were spoiled with the best parents ever who made us some pretty stellar lunches….with the best snacks of course too!  Who remembers oatmeal pies, twinkies and hostess apple pies?  Okay, daydreaming done!  Despite their delicious homemade meals, they always made sure we had the option to purchase lunch on our favorite food days as well…Grilled Cheese girl forever right here!  Oh how I wish my metabolism and food tolerances were still as they once were back in good old elementary school.  Memories aside, as I settle into my mid twenties I certainly am more aware of what foods agree, fuel and nourish my body.  As we develop and grow, our bodies need different and even more nourishment than when we were little energizing micro soccer players.  The cafe food might still be tempting and your comfort snacks will always be a treat but with a simple alteration you can still enjoy lunch more than ever before!

Packing lunch does not mean peanut butter and jelly five days a week for the next eight months.  Making a gourmet, filling and metabolism boosting meal is quick, easy and will surely save you a lot of money and empty calories.  Plan ahead of time!  Decide on a Sunday three different meals you would enjoy during the week.  Set aside two hours to bake, grill, chop, sauté….whatever your dish requires…be creative.  I like to have a hot dish, cold dish and then a staple item.  For example: a spicy quinoa, black bean, tomato and bell pepper dish, a salad of some sort paired with a low sodium soup(change it up from week to week) and lastly the peanut butter, banana, cinnamon, flax and honey sandwich!  Be sure to add in some protein filled snacks too, such as hummus and veggies or homemade granola bars. By changing it up, you won't get bored of eating the same old thing and best of all, you'll look forward to lunchtime just like when it was grilled cheese day!

I ask all of you, as you hit the hallways this year, carry that lunchbox proudly and enjoy the best period of the day…Happy Lunch Time!

xoxo Kat

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Perseverance is Key

I'd like to discuss a matter we all face at some point throughout our careers that can cause us to become discouraged.  Whether you are a recent college graduate, newly unemployed, currently working or in the audition/branding process pursuing an on-air role like myself, we all share one thing in common.  There will be a point when we hit a road block.  An assignment, application process, resume building, research, writing, etc. where we can't seem to achieve what we deep down have the potential to surpass.  Frustration, lack of topics or ideas, being a perfectionist… whatever it may be can often cause us to push a given task aside and complete all other assignments instead.  This occurrence can potentially bring concern to supervisors, colleagues or professors as to how committed we really are.  Rest assure, we all hit these road blocks and I'm here to give you the tools to push through and overcome these minor setbacks.

Confidence, perseverance, focus and pure "I am not giving up" attitude are the four essential characteristics you must possess in order to truly set yourself apart from others in your field and exhibit your full potential.  Discouragement, frustration, diversion and excuses are the haunting feelings that can be overwhelming, thus causing us to detach from the problem.  While you may be feeling some of these things it is important to remind yourself of how dedicated you are, how far you have come and how much you still have yet to achieve.  Remind yourself of the positives, your hopes and dreams and that it's totally okay to not be perfect.  This will alleviate some of the pressure and stress you have placed on yourself and without knowing it relax and refocus your mind.  A teacher of mine once said, if you are unable to figure out a problem or experience writers block get up, walk away, eat something, watch a favorite show, exercise, call a friend, etc. for about an hour.  This will undoubtedly rejuvenate your body and mind.  Now, when you take another stab at it, chances are the ideas and answers will be flowing like a river!  

Give yourself more credit and a pep talk every now and then!  I often find myself telling close friends and family who share their struggles with me to stay positive, remember it isn't brain surgery…nobody is going to die, believe in yourself and remember why you chose this career path….hopefully because you love everything about it.  Myself and all of you need to remind ourselves of these things more often.  Learn to accept that we are only human.  The key to succeeding in life is by learning from our mistakes.  We will face obstacles in all shapes and forms throughout our lives.  The strategy is to dig deep, stay positive and push through.  Perseverance is Key!

xoxo Kat

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Get a Little Artsy =]

Hey friends!
It's the absolute best time of the year to start making all those DIY projects you've found on Pinterest over the past few months.  The weather is beautiful, the kids are heading back to school & for those of you 20 Somethings it's great for a girls night or couples weekend!  The possibilities are endless….and guys we have some projects for you too!

Here is a list of my favorite DIY projects to take outdoors as we welcome my favorite month of the year… SEPTEMBER! =]

  • Antique Furniture
  • Build/Paint a Birdhouse
  • Upholster Furniture
  • Customize picture/mirror frames :sea glass,seashells,stained-glass, bottle caps, etc.
  • Mason Jar floral arrangements
  • Fire Pit
  • Family handprints/footprints (display framed)
  • Design outdoor furniture from Pallets
  • Wine Bottle Lanterns
  • Did I mention Mason Jars?!?
The list goes on and on!  DIY projects are the perfect activity to do while enjoying the gorgeous summer/fall weather, hanging with great friends and ultimately having an awesome new creation to add to your casa!

I hope to see lots of pictures of your creations in the next few weeks! Let's get artsy! =]

xoxo Kat

Monday, August 25, 2014

Community Service: Lend a Helping Hand

Signing up for community service projects and events are the perfect way to give back to your neighborhood or a community in need.  Often people become so consumed with their own schedules and agendas that they forget to take a step back and put life in perspective.  While each of us has our own hectic schedules and loads of stress from one week to the next, it's important to look at the big picture every now and then and realize how lucky we really are.  By giving back, you not only help those in need but often they help you even more.  Listening to a struggle or health battle someone is enduring is often the reminder you didn't see coming to slow down and appreciate the life and family you have.  Listening and spending time volunteering is such a therapeutic and positive opportunity for everyone involved.

I ask you to think about these simple questions for a moment:

Will our lives be over if we send those emails tonight or first thing in the morning?  Will we lose our figure if we skip a workout one night?  Will rescheduling a meeting really be that big of a deal?  At the end of it all, will we remember the time we spent working extra hours or the time we spent helping someone in need?

These simple questions turn out to be at the top of the list when we ourselves are suffering.  Often we speed through life spending more time on work than on family or volunteer opportunities.  Community service is one of the most important and wonderful things we will ever have the chance to do throughout our lives.  The impact we can all make on a person or family in need far outweighs any achievement in the career world.  While dedication and hard work in our careers is quite important; volunteering changes lives.

Get Involved:

Volunteering opportunities are available in your community and are usually on an ongoing basis.  There are a list of groups, organizations, events and families that are waiting for someone to reach out.  I encourage everyone to add community service to your monthly schedule.  Giving back through a donation, cooked meal, extra clothes, time spent listening or providing helpful advice or simply making someone smile can immensely brightens someone's day and outlook on the future.  All too often, those in need have no one to turn to.  By lending a helping hand you can change lives for the better... even your own.

xoxo Kat