Sunday, October 19, 2014

Digital Detox

Technology surrounds us on a daily basis from the second we wake up, until we go to bed and some of us even have apps that help us sleep throughout the night.  While these advancements are absolutely amazing, I think we all need to detox every once in awhile and get back to the basics.

Smart phones, tablets, watches, cameras, laptops, apps, apple tv, social media, the list goes on and on.  Each of these forms of technology have undoubtedly made our lives so much easier by enabling us to accomplish tasks much faster without even thinking about it.  This is awesome right?  I am partially split on this question.  Yes, the innovations are phenominal but using less of our brain each day, year after year is definitely not something I support.  Memory, verbal communication and human interaction are worsening in todays society, primarily the youth at an alarming rate.  My greatest fear is that the world will end up operating like robots instead of the personable individuals we all were born to be.

Here is my digital detox solution:  each week designate two tech free days for the entire family.  Invite your kids to have friends over and join in too!  Play board games, play kickball, manhunt, catch, go to the park, make a bonfire or cook dinner.  A fun idea would be to have each person learn how to make something using old hand written recipes from your great grandparents.  You might be surprised at how strange this feels at first, which will remind you just how important interaction is for a family or group of friends.  You will also share fun games and recipes from your childhood with your children and see how much fun they still are.  Most importantly, you will all communicate that much better and enjoy genuine company with one another.  These are the rare moments that truly last a lifetime!

Lots of Love,

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Pamper Up!

A day of pampering should be built into every gals schedule…at least on a weekly basis.  Kat you're crazy, you might be thinking.  I know I know... kids, work, carpooling, family events, working out….when on earth do you have time to have a day of pampering?  I'm not talking about a pricey spa day but rather a fun & affordable way to keep your skin glowing and relax your mind & body in the comfort of your own home.  Here's how to add a pamper filled hour to your WEEKLY schedule!

Pick an evening that you have even an hour or two home alone.  Peace and quiet will allow you to shut off your brain, listen to your favorite music or meditate and relax.  If you always have someone at home with you wait until you put your kids to bed or schedule a play date one afternoon….clearly not at your house!  Pampering at home is extremely affordable and often allows you to use products that are more tailored to your skin type.  My favorite is a paper face mask by My Beauty Diary sold by a Korean skin care line called Beauteque.  Before bed, cleanse your skin, apply a toner and then place the mask on for about 20 minutes.  Once removed, rub the nourishing excess into your skin for deep conditioning over night and apply a moisturizer.  These masks are made primarily from the earths natural ingredients, cost as cheap as $1.99 and truly work wonders creating a beautiful natural glow!

As we gear up for chilly nights and mornings, skin tends to dry out much quicker.  Hydrating booties and gloves are great for adding moisture to your hands and feet allowing you to show off your mani/pedis all year long keeping them silky smooth!  You can find these for a steal at Marshalls & TJ Maxx…. if you haven't picked up on it yet these are my absolute favorite stores on the planet! =]

So pour yourself a refreshing drink, turn on your favorite music…..ahem Country Music, light those pumpkin candles & pamper up chicas!

Lots of Love,

Spiced Up Sangria

Refreshing Sangria is usually served in the hot Summer months but this recipe is the closest you'll get to sipping on vibrant Autumn flavors.  As you know, I love to purchase produce that is in season from my local organic farm.  Take advantage of the abundance of fresh, ripe apples, peaches, cherries, cranberries and figs this Fall to spice up your sangria!  Here is a thirst quenching recipe to serve at your Halloween party and Thanksgiving!

  • 3 granny smith apples: cored and sliced
  • 1/2 cup dried cranberries
  • 1/2 cup dried figs: chopped
  • 1 1/2 cups Cabernet Sauvignon
  • 3 cups fresh apple cider
  • 4 cinnamon sticks
  • 1/2 tbs whole cloves
  • 1/8 tsp grated nutmeg
  • fresh squeezed juice from 1 orange
Mix ingredients and chill in refrigerator.  Pour in pretty glasses & add a splash of your favorite champagne for a beautiful bubbly finish!


xoxo Kat

Friday, October 10, 2014

Weekend Wandering

We have just over a month left of relaxing Fall before the holiday season is in full swing.  The leaves are starting to change to beautiful reds, yellows and oranges which makes the next few weeks the perfect time to take a weekend road trip!

The beautiful scenery, craft shows, festivals, and haunted farms provide you with endless activities to enjoy.  Spend the weekend with a loved one, group of friends or family and relax while also having fun doing something new and checking out a new place.

Here in the Northeast, I have always wanted to take a road trip to Boston.  The weather is absolutely gorgeous and they have so many fun events going on.  Salem is also a short drive away to really get the whole gang in the Halloween spirit!

So before the Black friday commercials and dare I say it Christmas commercials begin, pack up the car and enjoy the brisk chilly Autumn air, pretty scenery & delicious treats with the ones you love!

xoxo Kat

Monday, October 6, 2014

Embrace the Journey

As a 20 Something learning how to navigate my way through this thing people call the "real world," I sometimes get caught up in the destination and forget to take a breather, smile, look around and enjoy the journey.  It's important to be focused on goals and work hard to achieve your hopes and dreams but in the end it's the ups an downs, the no's, the first apartments, the burnt dinners, the oops & the first major yes that we remember as the best moments.  It's the moment we first really felt and knew who we were born to be, when we stood tall and confident and made our voice and opinions heard.  These are the moments that shape us, the instances that set us apart from the rest & ultimately the bits and pieces that come together to drop us off at our destination…the dream come true!

Reflect on where you're going in life and the type of person you deep down what to know more about. Challenge yourself to figure out who you are, what inspires you & what you're passionate about.  Take a giant leap of faith before the year comes to an end, take a chance on someone, love blindly and laugh til your stomach hurts.  I'm holding myself to this challenge as well.  I believe that self discovery, although difficult at times, is the only way we truly begin to live and pave the path we were meant to lead.

Say what you feel, be weird, embrace your strengths, work on your weaknesses, encourage those around you and be kind<3  Together we can make this world just a little bit brighter! =]

xoxo Kat

Friday, October 3, 2014

Fall Fashion: Boots Galore

As I shed a tear putting my flip flops away for the first time in 9 months I smile because it's the next best thing….BOOT SEASON!  Every girl needs a cute stylish pair of boots & a go to comfy pair for the Autumn weather.  Boots can certainly be a bit pricey but I do suggest investing in one really well made pair.  If you're on a tight budget like I am have no fear!  You can still pick up a really nice pair of boots & still pay your rent.  I promise!  Boots are certainly about style and showing off your own unique version but you also want a pair that will keep you warm and dry.  Look for brands that are made of good quality materials with a strong insulator.  How much is this going to cost you might ask?  If you shop thrifty like me not much at all!

Skip the malls and name brand stores and go straight to my top three spots!  I have found some unique pieces, new designers and well known designers at these spots and spend less than half the original price.  Marshalls, T J Maxx & consignment shops in your area are all you need!  You can find some treasures in these joints… for real!  Warning: they do require some digging and patience but you will not be disappointed.  =]

Fresh new boots that will keep you warm and looking amazing this season are waiting for you to find them!  On the next rainy/cloudy day hit the shops and spend your extra cash on happy hour with your girlfriends!  You deserve it!  Cheers!

Rain Boots, Comfy Uggs, Boho Chic & Leather <3

xoxo Kat

Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Flannel Up This Fall

The chilly nights & brisk mornings are officially upon us.  Happy October everyone!  Fall is in full swing, which only means one thing.  Flannel season has arrived!  =]  Flannels are the best shirt for guys and gals as the weather temps begin to dip.  Throw one on in the early morning or at dusk to keep warm!  Throw a loose t-shirt underneath some distressed jeans and boots and you're all set! Girls, be sure to keep an eye out for flannel dresses that look super cute over leggings paired with some cowgirl boots!  

Below is the newest addition to my wardrobe that I am obsessed with.  It's medium thickness, crazy soft and uber comfy; making it perfect for wearing around the house or off to the farmers market! The washed, faded look & bright colors makes me want to start an art project but that's just me!  Be sure to at least have one flannel in your closet this season and choose one that compliments your skin tone and unique style!  Stay cozy friends!

Designer: Vanilla Star
Store: Marshalls
Price: $16.99

Lots of Love,